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{{g to oz | num | abbr | spell | precision | wiki}}
Manual of Style notation: {{g to oz|100}} → 100 grams (4 oz)
Short notation: {{g to oz|100|abbr=yes}} → 100 g (4 oz)
Full notation: {{g to oz|num=100|abbr=no|spell=Commonwealth|precision=2|wiki=yes}} → 100 grammes (3,53 ounces)

Italicized parameters are optional:

  • num is a required parameter, which specifies the number of grams to be converted to ounces. Please do not format this parameter; i.e., use 1234 instead of 1,234.
  • abbr can take values of either mos, yes, or no. Mos will show the names of the units as specified in the Manual of Style for dates and numbers (grams, oz); yes will show the abbreviated names of the units (g, oz); and no will show the full names of the units (grams, ounces). The default value is mos.
  • spell can take values of American or Commonwealth and is only meaningful when abbr is set to no. American will use “grams”, and Commonwealth—”grammes”. The default value is American.
  • precision is the number of decimal digits in the converted value. The default value is 0.
  • wiki specifies whether the names of the units should be wikified or not and can take values of either yes or no. The default value is no.

Capitalization of the parameters is unimportant.

See also[sửa mã nguồn]

  • {{oz to g}}

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